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When is the Best Time to Visit Kenya?

Are you interested in traveling to Kenya and wondering when the best time to visit is? The ideal time to visit Kenya is from June to October, when the climate is mild and there’s almost no rain. This period is perfect for a safari and beach holiday. However, Kenya’s diverse geography and moderate climate make it a great year-round destination for safaris and beach vacations.

If you want to go on a safari, the best time to visit most Kenya safari destinations is between January and the end of March. The weather is pleasant during this period, and game-viewing opportunities are excellent. However, consider visiting during the rainy season between mid-March and June and again between November and December. During this period, you’ll enjoy lower off-season rates for safari lodges and fewer crowds.

If your interest lies in visiting Kenya’s renowned beach destinations, you’ll love the Indian Ocean coastline. However, rainfall can occur anytime, and the coastline is hot and humid all year round.

Here’s a month-by-month guide for traveling to Kenya:

January and February

January is an excellent time to visit Kenya for game viewing, and it’s ideal for beach holidays on the Kenyan coast. February is also an excellent month for a Kenya safari, and it experiences the lowest precipitation levels in the Masai Mara.

March to May

The weather transitions from hot and dry to wet and rainy in March. April is one of Kenya’s wettest and rainiest months, and it’s an excellent time for photographers to go on safari. However, the rainfall makes game drives challenging. May is not ideal for a beach holiday as the coastline is no longer sunny and pleasant.

June to October

These months mark the start of the long dry season, and it’s the best time to go to Kenya for a safari. The weather is excellent, and wildlife congregates around water sources. You can witness the Great Migration’s mega-herds into the Masai Mara and enjoy the dry weather with occasional showers.

November and December

November is the start of the short rainy season, and it’s a great time to take advantage of lower prices for a less crowded Kenya safari. December is sweltering with potential rain, but it’s an excellent time for birdwatchers as bird numbers increase significantly. If you’re ready to start planning your visit to Kenya, contact one of our Africa Safari Experts, who can tailor-make a perfect trip.